Has travel restrictions impacted your business?

Vuzix has smart glasses solutions that can help.

  Hands-free Operation Available

Solve your remote support problems

Get real-time onsite support from HQ
Dramatically reduce travel expense
Quick technology transfer
Hands-free operation is not available with smartphone
Improve inspection quatlity
Vision picking from paper management in Warehouse
Increase efficiencies at your sites anywhere in the world with Vuzix Smart Glasses.

Vuzix is a trusted name for Smart Glasses products.
Listed on the US NASDAQ market.

The on-site status can be checked from home or satellite office with the remote support application.

With the browser-based application, there is no need for additional software. You can connect from anywhere with a good Internet environment.

Make video communication possible with each base.  Great solution when domestic and overseas travels are restricted.

With the Vuzix Smart Glasses, experts in HQ can readily assist on-site personnels.

Share live status of each base with business partners via the Internet.

By sharing information on delivery to business partners,  a trusting relationship is maintained.

4 Applications - Ubimax Frontline

Pick by Vision
xPick is an innovative „pick-by-vision“ order picking solution. It supports manual order picking, incoming, outgoing and sorting of goods as well as inventory management.
Guided Assembly
xMake is an innovative "make-by-vision" solution for manufacturing, assembly line support, and quality assurance. Today, static step-by-step assembly and quality assurance procedures dominate industrial production processes. Instructions are often printed on paper or provided via a desktop PC. In both cases, instructions are neither permanently in line of sight of the worker nor are they dynamically adjustable during production.
Guided Inspections
xInspect is an innovative "inspect-by-vision" solution targeting all kinds of service & maintenance processes in various industries. These type of activities usually occupy both hands of a service technician. At the same time, digital information and instructions such as maintenance procedures are needed to conduct the task.
Remote Experts
xAssist is an innovative remote service and maintenance solution powered by latest Smart Glass technology. It helps enterprises and organizations to significantly speed up reaction times, while simultaneously reducing travel time and costs for experts.

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Remote Support


Work Instruction


Inspection Support


Warehouse Picking




case study Siemens

Vision Picking:
An Important Step in Digitizing
Order Picking Processes

case study Becton Dickinson

60% Speed Increase in Machine Repair
at Tijuana EMI - Becton Dickinson, Mexico

Success Story

  1. Remote support - BMW, WABCO, SAINT-GOBAIN, BD
  2. Work Instruction - WS・SYSTEM, AUDI, FENDT, REHAU
  3. Inspection Support - AIRBUS, Tenaris, HBZ
  4. Warehouse Picking - DHL, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, Coca-Cola

Steps to use

Step.1 confirm requirement

Select the application to be installed on site. More than one application is possible.

Step.2 Proof of Concept

Install the built application on the smart glass,
It is actually installed on site and verified.

Step.3 Get started

For warehouse support, quick integration with the existing warehouse management system is easy.

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